Ughhhhh who wants to post a before photo.

Nobody. And yet here we are.

NickNorth Before2019.JPG

Before— Before what?

Who knows but I think something’s coming.

I can smell it in the air.

Katherine  (@declaredominion)  and I have decided that we are going to love ourselves this year.

Part of that means learning to love and care for our bodies. I don’t know about you, but I’m nowhere close yet.

But I have come to realize that for me, loving my body will require me to come home to it. To feel connected to it. For some folks that might mean quiet meditation. Or journaling. Or playing music. And to that I say you do you. Those things make my skin crawl. They make me feel like I just don’t know how to do it “right”.

For me meditation has always meant movement.

As a kid I lost myself in sports.

Playing sports is when everything felt right in a world that felt so very wrong to me a lot of the time.

Life wasn’t so complicated on the basketball court.

With sneakers, a hoop, and a ball I could get through anything.

Fast forward 20 years and somehow I have forgotten that movement is how how I feel better in my body.

Movement is how I communicate with this sack of flesh I own.

So I’m recommitting to moving my body with true intention everyday, to use movement as meditation. 

I’m curious to see how my body and I reconnect.

Also maybe I’ll get big muscles? I could be into that.