nick north suit

Ack! Tonight!!!

Tonight I will put a suit on, with a pair of sneakers, ‘cause that’s my signature too cool for school look, and I’ll head downtown to attend The @calgaryfilm Opening Gala!

Imma walk into a big fancy room of film makers and industry people and I’m apparently going to belong there!

How friggen AMAZING IS THAT!

3 years ago if you had told me I’d make a film about being trans, and the ups and downs and beauty of it all... I would have died laughing. And then actually hyperventilated.

Back then Katherine was joking she was going to put a rainbow bumper sticker on our van. I failed to see the humor in it all.

Back then I was still afraid and ashamed of not being like everyone else.

I still felt broken. Like I was too much. Like I was unloveable. Like I didn’t belong anywhere. Back then I was a transphobic trans person. .

But not today.

Today with my rainbow tattoo on my sleeve and my Rainbro @lindsay.peace of @skippingstoneca beside me I will proudly walk into a room of directors and film makers and all around cool people. And I will belong.

I am worthy.

I am enough.

They’ll ask me what our film is about and then I’ll proceed to out myself to each and every one of them and tell them about the kids we made this film for, and that every family is a beautiful family. Because I am not ashamed anymore.

My transness is my Super Power.
(Even if I don’t want it a lot of them time)