fuck yeah energy nick north shirtless


It’s our world premiere at The Calgary International Film Festival as part of The Alberta Shorts Package. ⁣
(ahem, other directors in this category include Ingrid Vargas, and Levi Holwell. It’s fine)

I thought I would be freaking out! ⁣
(Secret I have been kinda freaking out from time to time)⁣

This film is pretty vulnerable for me if I’m being honest. ⁣

(And it’s been a raw couple of weeks around here with coverage of the Alberta Trans Health Care Crisis on @globalnews and @huffpostcanadaand the: surprise! you’re not getting you chest fixed after all!)⁣

I’m running a little close to empty so I’ve hidden a little these last couple of days. ⁣

I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything left when premiere day came, that I’d used up all the resiliency I had left. ⁣

But then this other crazy magical thing happened instead.

Today I woke up and all that neurotic fear of “is it good enough, and did I tell the right story, and will people get what we are trying to say,” was just gone. ⁣(Katherine says it’s because of the great sex we had. I say every bit helps!)⁣

Instead it was replaced with all of this excitement and what I’m calling “FUCK YEAH!! Energy.”

We’ve been working on this for so long: talking about making it, and making, and editing, and talking about making some more, and then waiting for this film to get to you for a year now! ⁣

I’m ready to be done talking and start showing you all, this little film baby that Katherine (@declaredominion) and I brought into the world with the help of @storyhive(THANKS STORYHIVE)⁣

It’s time!! ⁣

We’ll see you @calgaryfilm TODAY!!!! ⁣
⁣(There night still be tickets, and there’s another screening next Sunday!)⁣
Ack! ⁣Love you all!

P.S. We are taking over @storyhive Instagram today so come follow along in the stories in just a little bit!