I just finished a podcast interview about branding, pricing, and feminism.

It’s what I talk about most days in my business and let’s face it everywhere else. This surprises a lot of my clients. Somehow they think we can talk about their business and it’s success or failure without actually looking at the money part of the business. Here’s the thing though, most of my clients are women, and many women feel such intense shame around how uncomfortable, awkward and just straight up terrified they feel with money, with pricing themselves, with asking for their worth.


Because the patriarchy is fucking real.

And because

women have only had the right to a credit card

completely in their own name without a male co-signer since 1974.

Just let that sink in.

That’s right we are less than 50 years into women having the ability to completely control their own finances in the eyes of the law.

How messed up is that.

Many of the people reading this right now have mothers who didn’t or still don’t know how to do the most basic of financial tasks.

And so of course this doesn’t feel natural. It feels clunky and hard and shameful and so so scary.

It’s not that we can’t do it, or that women aren’t good at finances, that’s some bullshit right there, it’s just that we don’t have practice, YET!

Those socialized as female don’t have generations of social constructs that build us up to make us believe we can weld the power of money effortlessly, so we have to take charge and build us up all on our own.


And it’s time to take this power back for women and girls all over the world.

It’s time to start talking about money as a society.

About making it, and spending it, and saving it, and investing it, and using it for a force of good in the world.

It’s time to start talking about business and thriving, and taking risks and being gutsy, and all of it, because not talking about it hasn’t worked so amazingly so far.

I’ve got these kids here. And they deserve every opportunity. They deserve every strength.

So it’s time to build those brave muscles and do the scary things and look at our money and how we use it and how we grow it.

Time to change the way we raise these kids up!