Without him I wouldn’t have 4 out of 5 of these humans I call my kids. And they wouldn’t be nearly as loud or tell as interesting of stories, or have any musical talent at all.


He’s always been an amazing Dad and has never withheld any part of our kids’ love from me. Even in the beginning when he was confused and didn’t understand what was happening (because I didn’t do a very good job of communicating).

He never messes up with my name or pronouns (without correcting himself all on his own, in the very beginning) and always has my back with our kids, calling me their “other Dad” without skipping a beat.

I know sharing this title of Dad, to these amazing humans we made together is hard, but he’s always been generous with it. He’s always had my back and I’ll always have his.

I couldn’t ask for a better ex spouse, and if you ask me our kids couldn’t have a better set of Dads!

Thanks for being the best Dad Tag Team the kids could ask for!

Let’s do this matching outfits thing more often mmmkay?

Happy Father’s Day @chrisfoodsalot !