Katherine is the love of my life. 

No doubt about it. .

But not that long ago she was my far away best friend who I was secretly so very in love with.

She was safe to be secretly in love with because she was straight, and I was a married pregnant woman.

It’s a big jump from there to here— Happily married couple with 5 kids and a goober of a puppy.

If you haven’t been around here since the beginning, I’m sure you’ve got some questions.

Don’t worry friends, have I got a very squirmy and vulnerable and uncomfortable for me, TREAT FOR YOU!

This past February in #marfa while teaching at @yeahfieldtrip we met a guy. Turns out this guy, @lovejmw, who wears what seems like the comfiest clothes out there, (and sings with the voice of a baby angel, but like a grown man baby angel) does this little thing in NYC the first Tuesday of every month called Touchpoint, where people share stories from their love and sex lives.

One thing led to another, as things with sex and love often do, and all of a sudden the three of us were sitting on our bed, with @declaredominion and I reliving our Iove story for Jared and 30k of his podcast listeners.

If you’d like in on story time with the North’s and @lovetouchpoint please do go check out 1 hour and 6 minutes of our story.

And go follow @lovetouchpoint and @lovejmw because your heart with grow 3 sizes and you’ll feel less weird and alone about all sorts of stuff.


I’ll back away for the next few hours now.

Mmmmkay. Love you. .

P.S.If something in our story touches something in your heart we’d love if you’d share it with the world.